What is the Mission of the Clark County Treasurer's Office?

The Clark County Treasurer's Office is committed to ensuring effective treasury management of the public's resources by mutually respecting the needs of each of its customers.

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Critical Issues in 2005 - 2006

In February of 2005, the Clark County Treasurer's Office was the first county in the state to implement a web site that provides daily financial information and monthly financial reports to taxing districts over the Internet.

In March 2005, a Request for Proposal for a new assessment - taxation system was published and distributed. The critical elements for a new system provided by the assessment and taxation software vendor must include excellent service and support, open source code for County development and enhancements, application flexibility and expandability, complete web functionality, seamless Geographical Information System integration, and complete process workflow capabilities.

After a comprehensive analysis, a vendor was selected to implement the new assessment - taxation system in October 2005.

In March 2006, County Commissioners signed a contract with True Automation, a software vendor to design and install the new assessment and taxation system. The Project implementation will take all of 2006 and most of 2007. The new system is scheduled to go live in 2008.


New Property Tax System Design Document Books

An Oracle financial system upgrade is scheduled for early spring of 2006. The upgrade will help streamline work flow and eliminate excess steps in preparing financial reports. It will also allow quicker and more detailed reporting, thereby reducing the costs in providing the financial reports.

The web payment system is a complex integrated system between the county property tax system, the Oracle financial system, the Geographical Information System (GIS), the host web payment system and the county's bank. Additional county offices and departments will be added in the near future. Electronic checks will be the next option offered in the near future.

The new cashiering system (Point of Sale) is scheduled to go live in October of 2006. This is the critical piece that will make a one stop center a true reality. The system will allow for one cashiering system to integrate all the various data bases in the different departments throughout the county. The cashiering system will help speed up the transaction time at the front counter and the cash drawer balancing time behind the counter, thereby providing a faster payment service for the customer.

The new cashiering system also provides the ability to make payments over the internet. Taxpayers now can pay their property taxes on the County web site. The web payment system is a complex integrated system that interfaces between the county property tax system, the Oracle financial system, the Geographical Information System (GIS), the host web payment system and the county's bank. Additional county offices and departments will be added in the near future. Electronic checks will be the next option offered in the near future.


Paper Ledgers and Tax Rolls from the old Property Tax System

Activities During 2007 - 2010

After spending many months working with the vendor on developing an integrated cashiering system for county departments, it was decided to terminate the project. Rigorous testing of the cashiering system determined the vendor's cashiering product could not meet the standards required for the heavy volume of workload. As a result, the vendor refunded the money the County spent on the project. The project is still on the county's computer systems project list, but other priorities must be completed first before taking up the project again.

One project that was on my list of goals, the ability to process passport applications, was not pursued due to the US Post Office which is two blocks from our building started providing this service.

Due to the severe budget cuts in 2009 and 2010 to the Community Development Department staff (over 40%), the Assessor and Treasurer agreed in 2010 to help by having their counter staff in the joint lobby receipt building permits and animal licenses. This additional workload will be challenging when collecting property taxes twice a year. During this time the Treasurer's Office also had to cut three and a half positions plus some key senior personnel moved on to higher paying jobs. These personnel issues created challenges in administering the various duties of the office.

The first phase of the property tax assessment and collection system started smoothly in February 2009. This was the county's largest computer conversion ever done. The second (final) phase will be completed at the end of 2011 and will include delinquent tax collection, advance taxes, receipting and real estate excise tax modules. Even before phase two has been completed, this seven million dollar "state of the art" computer system has already attracted ten other counties in the State of Washington to acquire the system.

In 2009, we added appropriate enhancements on the Treasurer's Financial Web Portal that included a warrant authorization request screen for taxing districts.

The Treasurer's Office has partnered with Clark County Real Estate Title Companies to develop the first electronic data exchange in Washington to process Real Estate Excise Tax transactions and tax payments. In the past, the Real Estate Excise Tax transaction documents had to be hand-delivered and were processed manually requiring an enormous amount of time and expense for everyone involved. By the end of 2010, the entire process will be automated with a new Real Estate Excise Tax web portal resulting in significant savings for the public as well as for title companies.

Prior to the end of April 2010, we will have the ability for taxpayers to pay their property taxes by phone. The Treasurer's Office has selected a new vendor to provide electronic checks, debit card, and credit card payment options on our web site or by phone. Taxpayers now have the option to mail their payments, use the internet, or pay their taxes by phone without needing to leave their home or business.

We also are implementing a new debt management system to track over $800 million in debt/bond issues for the County and junior taxing districts in 2010.

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"One Stop" Customer Service Lobby

Activities During 2011 -2014

The Treasurer's Office met its goals for 2011-2014:

  • Installed the final phase of the Property Tax assessment Collection system in the Fall of 2013. Updates and enhancements will be added to the system twice a year as long as the system is operating.
  • Instituted electronic billing through a third-party provider for taxpayers who like to receive and pay their bills over the internnet. Electronic billing saves $$ on mailing and processing costs.
  • A new banking contract was signed with Bank of America to provide an array of banking services to the county and junior taxing districts.
  • The third update of the Treasury Web Portal provided additional internet control features and payroll calendar features.

Current Projects Include:

  • Upgrade the electronic billing and payment program.
  • Upgrade the remittance processing equipment in order to maintain banking and lock box services.
  • Continue to add taxing districts to the positive pay program.
  • Finish adding Real Estate Title Companies to the Electronic Real Estate Excise Tax and Electronic Recording Web Portal.

The activities described above are just a portion of the activities and projects performed during this period in the Treasurer's Office.

Goals for 2015 - 2019

  1. Install Point of Sale System which will allow for a true one-stop transaction cashiering system that will provide greater efficiencies.
  2. Upgrade the Treasury systems such as remittance processor, treasury web portal and third party payment providers.
  3. Revise Continuity of Operations Plan.
  4. Provide legislation to enhance the professionalism of treasury management.
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Tracking the Financial Markets