Down to Business
              Forward Thinking

Since 1989, Doug's Local Government Investment Pooling Program has earned almost 20 million dollars more than by investing all the money in the State Investment Pool Program. Over the years, this extra interest has helped fire District #1 stretch tax dollars to provide the critical emergency services needed for our community.

Roger Daniels
Fire District #1

Doug's knowledge and expertise in public treasury management is not only an asset to clark County but also to the State of Washington. When I was Thurston County treasurer, we worked together on numerous legislative issues to improve government efficiency and services. After I was elected State Treasurer in 1996, I appointed Doug to my transition team to review the cash management and investment practices of the State Treasurer. Doug was also appointed by the Washington State Association of County Treasurers to serve on the State Treasurer's Local Investment Pool Advisory Board. When it was time to select a new bank to pay state bonds, I appointed Doug to serve on the review team to recommend which financial institution would be the best for the state. Thank you Doug for your public service to Clark County and The State of Washington.

Mike Murphy
Washington State Treasurer(1996-2008)

I'm impressed with Doug's continued efforts in using technology to improve efficiencies through imaging checks and Real Estate Excise Tax Affidavits. I really like the new feature on the County Treasurer's web site which provides instant access to property tax information 24 hours a day. Also, the automated property tax information telephone system complements the web site. With this faster access to property tax information, I am able to better meet my customers' needs. Your web site is definitely saved as a favorite on my computer. Thanks!

Bruce Davis
Real Estate Loan Officer

As Clark County Assessor for over 20 years, it was a pleasure to work with Clark County Treasurer Doug Lasher. His hard work and dedication to the job has made a difference in the Treasurer's Office. He brought a number of forward thinking changes to the office which will have long term benefits to the citizens of Clark County. One project that I was proud to participate in with Doug and the County Auditor's Office was the creation of a joint lobby in the Public Service Center that features "one-stop service". This approach to customer service is a model for the rest of the State of Washington. Teamwork and collaboration are important elements in a successful partnership. Doug and I worked well together. but, we also respected our different roles as elected officials. I know Doug believes as I do, that elected officials working together bring better service to our citizens.

Ben Gassaway
former County Assessor

The thing that impresses me so much about Doug is his commitment to public service and continual improvement. He has accommodated the tremendous population growth in this county over the past 20 years with only adding two and half positions. That's incredible! He has done that by collaborating with other public officials and taxing districts to provide the best, most efficient and cost-effective service possible.

Carrie Parks
Clark County Taxpayer