Under Doug's leadership, the Treasurer's Office has provided innovative approaches:

  • Establishment of a $500 million investment pooling program which was the first GASB 31 compliant local pooling program in the state of Washington.
  • Creation of the Senior Citizen/Disabled Tax Work-Off Program in partnership with the County Commissioners.
  • Establishment of a joint remittance processing center in collaboration with the Clark Public Utilities.
  • Development of a joint customer service center in the new public service center in collaboration with the Clark County Assessor and Clark County Auditor.
  • Creation of the County Treasurer's Web Site which provide property tax information. Payments may be made on-line by credit card, debit card and electronic check.
  • A Treasurer Taxing District Financial Web Portal which provides daily treasury financial data and report updates. This was the first county treasurer financial web portal for taxing districts in the State of Washington.
  • A new "state of the art" property tax computer system, even before it has been completed, has attracted 11 other counties in the State of Washington to purchase our property tax system from the software vendor. The new property tax and collection system is a collaborative effort between the County Assessor and County Treasurer Offices. The new system was completed in 2013.
  • The new property tax computer program provided the ability to redesign the tax statement so we now have all taxes, fees, and assessments on one statement which saves printing and mailing costs.
  • Worked with local legislators to help pass legislation that will allow County Treasurers to send tax bills electronically to taxpayers over the internet and allow for payment of taxes, assessments and fees, including partial payment plans.
  • Partnered with Clark County Real Estate Title Companies in developing the first electronic data exchange in the State of Washington to process Real Estate Excise Tax Affidavits and tax payments. The new Real Estate Excise Tax web portal allows for five times faster transaction processing.
  • Installed debt management software system to manage an $800 million debt portfolio
  • Participated in the upgrade of the County Oracle Financial software system.
  • Establish social media, Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Published the Treasurer's Office Debt, Service and Compliance Policy.
  • Installed phase III of the Treasury Web Portal.
  • County Finance Committee adopts the first comprehensive County Debt Policy.
  • Electronic billing of almost 4,000 property tax statements which helps reduce printing and mailing costs.
  • Provide check fraud protection by implementing payer positive pay for the county and taxing districts through banking services.

Doug is committed to providing improved customer service and wise management of public funds.