Why the Treasurer position is an elected position.

An elected official is more likely to:

  • Remain accessible and accountable.
  • Be responsive to voter concerns.
  • Bring in creative approaches.
  • Advocate for treasury management issues because the boss is you.
  • Provide a critical check and balance between the activities of Clerk, Assessor, Auditor and County Commissioners.

What the Treasurer does.

The Treasurer is the custodian of all funds for the county and governmental subdivisions. The Treasurer:

  • Collects property taxes, special assessments, excise taxes, gambling taxes, and other miscellaneous receipts from other county departments and taxing districts.
  • Accounts for over 400 funds and revenues for the state, county, cities, schools, ports, cemetery district, fire districts, drainage districts, and the Clark Public Utilities.
  • Manages the cash by determining if adequate cash is available in the funds and authorizing the release of warrants for payment.
  • Administers short and long term debt financing for the county and taxing districts.
  • Invests over $500 million.
  • Provides banking services to County and junior taxing districts.

Check out the Clark County Treasurer's Web Site to learn more.

Why does Doug want the job.

Doug is:

  • Dedicated to public service.
  • Passionate about effective treasury management.
  • A Leader in treasury management at the local, state and national level.
  • Forward thinking in his quest to continuously improve operations.
  • Challenged by an elected position which requires the holder to advocate, create, remain accessible and accountable in collecting and managing the public's monies.
  • Committed to working collaboratively with elected officials and taxing districts.